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Who Are They?

Beachbody is a health and fitness company that sells health and fitness programs and shakeology plans to customers who want to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

What Was the Challenge?

The company is powered by a huge tech team and it’s growing fast – 1000 employees and counting. To keep everyone pumped up and pulling the same direction, Beachbody holds Technology All-Hands Meetings on a regular basis. These involve a mass Q&A at the end, and new employees are also asked to introduce themselves to their colleagues at the same time.

With so many people involved, the team were looking for a better way to get everyone communicating in these meetings, without stilting the conversation by having to pass a wireless handheld mic slowly around the room.


Mike with Custom Beachbody Catchbox

Quote We love our Beachbody-branded Catchboxes! They are used for our Technology All-Hands meetings and have increased the audience participation and enthusiasm tenfold! Everyone loves them – they’re a big hit… Again, we’re really happy!

Mike Dolan,

How Did Catchbox Help?

Now that audience members can throw the Catchbox to each other for introductions and questions, the conversation flows faster, energy levels are higher, and Beachbody’s executive team are thrilled with it, too.

From a technical and logistical point of view, the system works perfectly, they say. Plus, they love the Beachbody branding on the Catchbox.

According to the team, these sessions are now 100% more engaging and exciting and crowd engagement has firmly become part of the meetings. People are much more likely to take part now that there’s a cool, spontaneous way to do it than when they had to sit and wait for someone to bring them a handheld mic.

They’ve also found that having a more dynamic system in place encourages better mic etiquette, too.

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