Classroom microphone system

Catchbox Plus is a two-channel wireless microphone system that is ideal for use in school and university learning environments.

Improve your learning environment

Why use a classroom microphone system?

necklace microphone

Voice amplification

Learning starts with listening. Improved classroom audio helps to create a more immersive environment for all students.

Beltpack microphone

Lecture capture

Turn your classes into a lasting resource for your students. Record your lesson audio so students can listen again later.

Hybrid learning

Hybrid learning

Create a better-blended learning experience for remote students by providing crystal-clear audio from the teacher & in-class participants.

classroom microphone

Catchbox Plus

The complete solution for your classroom

Catchbox Plus is a wireless microphone system with easy USB connectivity. The dual-channel receiver supports two microphones - a powerful beltpack mic for the teacher, and a unique throwable microphone for student participation.

Wireless USB microphone

Set up in seconds


The Catchbox plus system features USB audio input and output for quick and easy set up. Connect the Plus receiver to your device and use instantly with your preferred classroom software.

teacher microphone

Record your classes

Lecture capture

Use Catchbox plus to record audio input from teachers and students during class. Connect to software such as Panopto or Google classroom to provide students with a resource they can revisit time and again.

classroom microphone

Promote active learning

Engage your students

Increase student participation in class with the Catchbox audience mic. This unique throwable microphone helps students to overcome inertia and encourages everyone to share their ideas.

hybrid classroom microphone

Hybrid made simple

Better blended learning

Engage your students no matter where they are. Provide remote learners with enhanced audio input from both teachers and in-class students to create a more dynamic hybrid learning experience.

Catchbox Plus in action

Case studies

Hybrid classroom microphone

Riga Business School

Hybrid classroom setup

See how RBS created used Catchbox Plus to facilitate hybrid learning across their campus.

microphone for classroom

Park Lane International School

Multiple classroom mic solution

Discover why Park Lane chose Catchbox for use in multiple classrooms across their city campuses.

classroom microphone system

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