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Catchbox Launches Customization Feature at Integrated Systems Europe 2016

February 9, 2016

Catchbox is the worlds first throwable microphone for audience engagement. An award winning product that is designed to be thrown from one participant to another. The device works great in lectures, meetings and conferences, where passing a normal stick microphone is slow and cumbersome. Currently, there are two versions of the product:

Catchbox Lite - A plug-and-play solution for smaller audiences of under 100 people. Works on 2.4 Ghz frequency. Catchbox Pro - A modular beltpack modification that allows AV professionals to use their desired wireless transmitters.

Whether you are planning to host a conference, meeting, or lecture, Catchbox can help you make your next event memorable and productive by getting audiences engaged and actively participating in conversations.

First Time Exhibiting at ISE 2016

This year Catchbox will be exhibiting at ISE for the first time - visitors will be able to test and experience Catchboxes onsite. A selection of customised covers will be brought in to showcase the possibilities of a branded product. In addition visitors to the stand will receive a coupon for discounted products.

“Integrated Systems Europe is the highlight of the year in the AV Industry. Since the Catchbox is creating a whole new market segment in the microphone business, we definitely have to be there to meet with the heart of the industry.” says Timo Kauppila, CEO & Co-Founder of Catchbox.

Official Launch of Customizable Covers at ISE 2016

Catchbox has conducted an extensive customer research and testing and found out that its customers value branding and being able to customise their Catchboxes. As such, full customisation of the outer cover is now available. Now customers can choose their own colours for the cover, as well as add their own brand logos and graphics. ISE visitors will be able to see and touch a selection of branded products at the Catchbox booth number 7- F222.

This marks a great milestone for the company as it allows customers to fully integrate the product into their events and spaces, as well as use it as an additional communication channel for brand messages.

Additional Information

Catchbox products have been sold since 2014 with notable clients ranging from large AV resellers such as PSAV to Fortune 500 companies like Google, Microsoft and a lost of others. The products have also been noticed by top universities around the world with the likes of Stanford University, MIT Sloan, Cornell, Penn State, UCLA, Lancaster University, Glasgow Caledonian University, and Cardiff University purchasing their very own customised Catchboxes.

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