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Catchbox is world’s first wireless microphone built for audiences. With its soft exterior and auto mute technology, the device can be safely passed around without getting damaged or causing unwanted noises.
Using Catchbox will make your event more engaging and fun. Unlike normal microphones that need to be passed from hand to hand, the Catchbox can simply be thrown into an audience, opening up a completely new way of organizing discussions. You can quickly give turns and let everyone be heard making it an easy way to create memorable and engaging events.
The Catchbox Lite is a complete wireless microphone that includes a transmitter and a receiver. It uses the 2.4 GHz band and it doesn't require a radio license nor active frequency management: you turn it on and that's it. You can connect the receiver to your speakers or audio system. It has a range of up to 30 m / 100 ft and it is suitable for small audiences (up to 100 people).

The Catchbox Module DOES NOT come with a transmitter or receiver so you need to use your own equipment. You can insert your existing beltpack into the Catchbox and use any of the 3 connectors that we provide (3.5 mm jack, 3 pin mini XLR and 4 pin mini XLR). It is suitable for larger events and its range will depend on your own system.
Catchbox works with both large and small audiences. When having a meeting with a small group, Catchbox can be used as a totem for giving turns to speak, while in larger events, the device saves time while allowing for the entire audience to get involved.

The device comes in two versions, Lite and Module. The Lite version uses WiFi frequencies, hence audiences above 100 people can pose a connection problem, especially if everyone is using the internet. That's why for larger audience sizes and events, we recommend purchasing the Catchbox Module.
The Catchbox can be used in different types of events including conferences, lectures, workshops, as well as smaller events like team building sessions, management meetings and Skype calls. Depending on the size and layout of your event, you will want to consider whether to buy a Catchbox Lite or Catchbox Module unit.
The Catchbox Cover is made from a combination of soft durable foam and fabric softening the impact to objects or people in the room or parts inside the Catchbox. This said, while there is no danger of injury if Catchbox is passed or thrown hand to hand using common sense, long passes and reckless throwing in rooms with fragile objects and unsuspecting people can lead to accidents.

This is why it's important to always inform people what the product is and when it will be used.
No. Catchbox automatically cuts all the unwanted sounds when it is in motion. This is achieved using its patent pending automute technology, which is included in all models of the Catchbox.
Don't worry, in our experience most people are better catchers and throwers than they realize. This said, part of the fun created by the Catchbox is the element of spontaneous discussion created by simply throwing the box into the audience and seeing who manages to catch it. Catchbox can also be passed around hand to hand.
The outer shell of the Catchbox is made of a technical fabric that repels dirt. If, however, your Catchbox gets a nasty stain, you can simply use soap and a bit of water to rub it off. The outer cover is also easy to replace and customers can purchase individual replacement covers.
No. However, if you would like to record audio with the Catchbox, simply connect the receiver to a recorder, for example to a laptop.
The number of units that you use will affect the dynamics of the conversation and help you achieve a more engaged audience. With just one Catchbox you can get good results even in large venues, but you may consider having additional units in the case that you have different stages, tracks or rooms.

Multiple Catchboxes can be used in the same space, up to 4 units of Catchbox Lite and as many Catchbox Module as the transmitter manufacturer recommends.
The reason is that the Catchbox Lite comes with its own transmitter and receiver that work in the 2.4 GHz band. The Catchbox Module doesn't come with a transmitter, but instead allows you to connect your own beltpack. So there are more electronic components included with the Catchbox Lite.
Setup instructions can be found in the user manuals. Catchbox Lite User Manual and Catchbox Module User Manual
Troubleshooting Instructions can be found in the user manuals. Catchbox Lite User Manual and Catchbox Module User Manual
Catchbox can be used with most audio systems. The Lite version of the device comes with a receiver and accompanying cable and adapters that allow it to connect to audio mixers, laptops, and even speakers.

You can connect the Catchbox Lite Receiver to the audio inputs of devices such as audio mixers, stereo systems and laptops. First, connect the 6.3 mm audio cable to the receiver's audio output port. Afterwards, use the different adapter pieces provided with the product to connect the audio cable to the audio input of your device.

The most common inputs are: 1) RCA (common in stereos) 2) 3.5 mm (? in) (common in computers) 3) 6.3 mm (1 in) (common in audio mixers)
You need to use a third party transmitter with the Catchbox Module. We have tested for compliance the following transmitters: Shure ULX-D1 QLX-D1 UR1M Sennheiser SK 500 (Evolution Wireless) SK 300 (Evolution Wireless) SK 100 (Evolution Wireless) AKG DPT 700 PT 470 PT 420.

You could possibly use other transmitters as long as the belt-pack physically fits inside the Catchbox Module and can be connected with any of the adapter cables that we provide with your unit: - 3 pin mini XLR (AKG) - 4 pin mini XLR (Shure) - 3.5 mm jack (Sennheiser).

If you are using a beltpack from another brand (even if it uses one of these connectors) please contact us and we will be happy to advise on compatibility.
There can be a maximum of 4 Catchbox Lite systems operating in one room or near each other. This is due to the limitations of the license free 2.4GHz frequency band. This is not necessarily the case for the Module Module version, which can operate in other frequency bands depending on the third part transmitter you decide to use. In these cases you may be able to have tens of units in one room.

Catchbox Lite receiver and transmitter are already paired before delivery.

However, if you need to pair it, remove the capsule from the cover, and press both volume buttons at once on the capsule. Press the pairing button on the receiver. Once the green indicator lights up on the receiver, this means the Catchbox is paired with the receiver.

No. The Catchbox Lite pairs with one single receiver. If you would like to use multiple Catchboxes in one room, each needs to be connected to a separate receiver which in turn needs to be connected to the audio output. This is also very common with other wireless microphone systems and hence, will be often the case even when using the Catchbox Module with third party transmitters and receivers.
Radio operates in different frequencies and is used by wireless microphones to communicate wirelessly. The Catchbox Lite works on the 2.4GHz radio frequency. This is a globally, license-free frequency band which means that you do not need a special permission to operate a radio device in this frequency.

This means that for the Lite version, you can use it anywhere in the world. Other wireless microphones usually operate in so-called licensed frequencies, which usually require special licenses from the local governments to be used legally.
Catchbox Lite rechargeable battery lasts up to 12 hours. The Catchbox Module= in turn requires 1xAA battery to power its muting circuit as well as separate batteries to power the transmitter. The 1 AA battery will power the muting circuit for up to 20 hours, however, most likely the beltpack transmitter will require it's batteries to be changed long before that.
The range of the Catchbox Lite system is 30m. This range is considered as the Line of Sight (LOS), so walls, curtains or other objects between the Catchbox and the receiver will affect it. To maximize the operational distance, make sure to put the receiver in a visible place like on top of a table. This ensures that the antennas can pick up the signal sent by the Catchbox transmitter.

For the Catchbox Module, the range is determined entirely by the specifications of the beltpack transmitter placed inside.
If you need an official quote, please email us to [email protected] mentioning which model you need (Lite or Module) and in which color (blue, orange, green or custom). Indicate your EU VAT ID if you have it (for European companies only), and the shipping address.
We don't rent our Catchboxes directly, as we are focused in selling them, but some of our partners do rentals. You can find a list of our current partners in the Partners section of our website.
Please write us to [email protected] and we will email you the form.
EUROPEAN UNION. End customers in the EU are required to pay 21% Latvian VAT, which is applied to the prices at checkout. However, companies registered in the European Union don't need to pay the VAT. Please introduce your EU VAT ID during the purchase and we will apply a 0% VAT rate (intra-community supply).

The EU VAT ID is normally your country code (two letters) plus your national VAT or registration number. For example, for the United Kingdom the EU VAT ID is generally GB plus 9 digits. You can read more about the EU VAT ID here or check that your EU VAT ID is correct here. For European companies outside the EU (Norway, Canada, Iceland) we don't charge the VAT in any case, and you won't need to enter a VAT ID.

You will see that there is 0% VAT in the last step of the purchase, when selecting the country of billing. However, you may need to pay custom duties.

If you are a Latvian company we still need to charge you the 21% VAT but you can get it deducted from the tax authorities.


You don't need to pay any sales tax or any other taxes unless your business is located in Massachusetts. In case that you receive an invoice for custom charges please contact us and we will work out on a solution for you.
You can currently pay with credit card, invoice (bank transfer) or using PayPal. If you choose to pay with an invoice, you will be issued one and we will ship your order once we receive your payment. We recommend paying by credit card as this approves the order immediately and you can get your Catchbox faster.

You can pay with American Express by choosing PayPal at checkout. You will be directed to their payment gateway and you can continue without creating a PayPal account.
Your credit card is charged usually within a few hours after checkout. We run anti fraud software on all orders to make sure that no stolen credit cards are used to make purchases.
We have a European website in EUR (€) and an American website in USD ($).

You should be redirected to the correct website depending on your location, but you can also change by clicking the Region text in the top bar.

If you are in the United Kingdom, you will be charged in EUR at the exchange rate of your credit card provider or bank. If you are in Canada, you will be charged in USD.
Yes, we offer a discount for Educational institutions.
Unfortunately we don't offer discounts at this point for nonprofits or charities. If you are organizing an event, you can offer to your partners to sponsor it by offering them advertising space on the Catchbox. That is, you can order a Catchbox with a custom made cover with the logo and color of your sponsor and help cover the costs.
We always use a tracked courier service. That's why it is important to have your contact details in the order, including a working phone number. We offer two options, economy and priority, and both are handled by our reliable courier partner, Fedex.

If you want to speed up your order we suggest paying with credit card (as this automatically confirms the order) and selecting priority shipping. We only ship units once we have received payment.
All shipments can be tracked online at the site of our courier service partner FedEx. You will receive an email with the tracking code once your order is shipped. If your order is taking longer than our estimated delivery times, please contact us.
Economy Shipping is free while Priority shipping costs vary according to how many units you ordered, starting from around €35 to EU countries, and $37 to USA, and Canada. You will see the final shipping cost at checkout.
Currently we take orders for shipping to the USA, Canada, all European Union countries, Norway and Switzerland. We would love to add new markets later but at this point we don't have the product certificates required to sell to other countries.
If you have an issue with your device you can write us to [email protected] describing the problem. If possible, please include your order number or the name of the company / person who placed the order. All products have a one year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

For more details on our warranty conditions, please have a look at our warranty statements found in the product pages under downloads.
You can return any product (excluding custom made covers) within 14 days after receiving the order for a full refund in case that you are not entirely satisfied with the product. Please contact us to [email protected] to organize the return process.

Products covered by our one year limited warranty can be exchanged following the same procedure. Please, write us to [email protected] and we will indicate you the steps to follow.
You can cancel your order by contacting us as soon as possible. You can use any of the channels listed in the "Contact us" tab, but preferably just reply to the confirmation email stating that you want to cancel the order.

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