Capture crisp audio

Mic up everyone in large spaces ensuring crisp audio capture for hybrid setups, voice lift, and captioning.

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wireless microphone system

Hear everyone, anywhere

Professional audio, exceptional user experience

Poor audio and user experience can make or break the success of a meeting, lecture, or event. Capture crisp audio from both the presenter and the audience with the intuitive Catchbox Plus wireless microphone system without compromising on audio quality or the user experience.


Create immersive experiences

wireless microphone for meetings


From all-hands meetings to onboarding - Catchbox microphones ensure every employee can make their voice heard.

Wireless microphone system for classrooms


Ensure both teachers and students can be heard in the classroom and encourage participation in any educational setting.

Wireless audience microphone for Conferences and Events


Inspire your attendees & create energetic discussions between speaker and audience with Catchbox's unique microphone lineup.

Use cases

Master hybrid & much more

Lecture halls Meeting rooms
microphone for hybrid learning

Professional wireless microphone system for lecture halls

Cover your whole-room audio needs with one wireless microphone system. Catchbox Plus wireless microphone system’s Cube throwable mic and Clip presenter mic capture crisp audio from the professor and students ensuring powerful voice lift, clean captions and clear remote audio.

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Catchbox Plus wireless microphone system illustrated in use in a hybrid meeting

Empower team productivity through crisp audio

Take your hybrid team meetings to the next level and connect your remote team members with your in-person team through crisp audio. Catchbox Plus wireless microphone system ensures that no contribution is missed keeping your remote participants engaged and present in the discussion.

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Catchbox Plus

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For mobile setups

  • Plug & play USB connectivity

  • XLR / RCA / USB outputs

  • Portable Storage Case available

Catchbox Plus for mobile carts & multi-purpose spaces

For multi-room installations

  • Dante™ audio over IP & PoE

  • Remote control and monitoring

  • Mounting accessories available

Catchbox Plus Pro for multi-room deployments and integrated networks

What our customers say

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“I believe any university would benefit from using Catchbox products. They're high quality, their team is very responsive and it's a very unique product that you're not going to find anywhere else.” // Scott Pritchett, Manager of Multimedia Services

“Catchbox plays a crucial role in our all-hands meetings. Passing it around makes things more enjoyable and loosens the audience up. It’s so easy to set up and will quickly become something you can’t do without.” // Juraj Holub, Chief Meeting Designer

“Catchbox changes the dynamics of a typical class conversation to support student-powered dialogue. It’s a microphone that ensures that all student contributions are heard.” // Tracey Birdwell, Program Director

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wireless microphone system

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  • Reliable license free DECT

  • Fully customizable transmitters

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