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Kickstart the conversation with Catchbox - the engagement microphone. Customize to suit your brand and maximize participation in any situation.

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The engagement microphone

Meet Catchbox

Catchbox encourages everyone to join the conversation. The unique fun-factor of catching and throwing breaks down barriers and allows people to feel confident when sharing their ideas.

Who should use Catchbox?

Engagement for any situation


Place your brand at the heart of the discussion. Encourage meaningful participation amongst employees and create a culture where ideas are shared freely across the company.


Break down barriers to engagement in the classroom. Create an environment where every student feels comfortable speaking up and sharing their thoughts.


Curate amazing events where ideas can come to life. Use Catchbox to captivate your audience and encourage greater interaction between speaker and audience.

hybrid classroom teacher microphone

Catchbox Plus

The complete solution for your classroom

Provide voice amplification, record your classes and facilitate hybrid learning with our comprehensive wireless microphone system.

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Wireless system

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Wireless system

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Beltpack module

your event, your tech

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