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Meet Catchbox - a powerful wireless microphone system featuring the world's first throwable mic.

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wireless microphone system

Catchbox Plus

More than just a microphone

Give everyone a voice with our comprehensive wireless microphone system. Combining a compact beltpack microphone with our unique throwable mic, Catchbox Plus transforms any space into a truly collaborative environment.

Who should use Catchbox?

Industries & use cases

meeting room wireless microphone


Transform your all-hands meetings and company trainings by ensuring everyone can engage in the conversation.

classroom microphone system


Promote active learning and collaboration in the classroom. Use Catchbox to record lecture audio and facilitate effective hybrid teaching.

microphone system for events


Inspire attendees and and increase audience engagement with dynamic debates and quickfire Q&A sessions.

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Wireless microphone system

powerful performance

from $699


Beltpack module

your event, your tech

from $449