Things you don’t want to say to your Audio Visual guy

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Published on: Jan 4, 2018

Being an Audio Visual guy can be tough. Since our team here at Catchbox is working with AV guys (and girls!) side by side, we wanted to gather things not to say to your AV guy. So we asked the ones who know best – Audio Visual profs. We also posted this question on Reddit, Quora, and Facebook AV Install Nightmares group. Here are some of our favorite answers:

1. If you would push the speakers back into the corners we would have much more room in our room!

2. Nobody needs new speakers! These still work!

3. You can put these in my van!

4. I know it’s 2 minutes before the meeting starts but can you help me redo my powerpoint?

5. Can I borrow your duct tape, I´ll bring it back I promise.

6. Oh good the IT guy is here!

7. One month before the conference: “Equipment will be provided on advance request.” 15 minutes before the start of the conference: “Here’s my memory stick, do you have a laptop, projector, screen, laser pointer, and all of the necessary cables?

8. We don’t need speakers, just a microphone!

9. Can you untangle this (cable, necklace, the wad of Christmas lights…) for me?

10. It worked just fine before you got here.

11. My cousin “Vinny” installed it. No, I don’t need you to redo the whole thing, I just want you to make it work.

12. Just do everything wireless…

13. Do you know what all those buttons do?

We asked the same question to our favorite Audio Visual guys and girls and we got some hilarious responses and stories! Read them below!

Mr. Charles (Chuck) Espinoza

Mr. Charles (Chuck) Espinoza. AVIXA Staff Instructor has over 26 years’ experience in the Audio visual industry.

“I saw that same thing at (insert big box store here) for (insert stupid discounted price) last weekend? Are we getting that price?”

With displays getting less expensive in the consumer market, many customers think the price is going to be comparable to a commercial display. Not the case. Many of the commercial displays are much more robust and built to operate 24/7. Not the case with consumer displays.

“Why do you need any wires?”

Many customers are surprised at the amount of infrastructure that goes into making an AV system work. I’m not an installer, but “While you’re here, could you…..” Usually, a way to get free labor…or try to. Many customers will turn down some of the “extras” a salesperson will offer, only to realize later that they really want it. They will try to talk (or force) an installer to do the work, that they refused to put (and pay for) in the scope.

“I have this same TV at home and I’m having issues with (insert rambling description of the issue) what do you think it could be?”

I usually tell them it’s the random RFI that their body is giving off…that’s why THEY always see it.

“What do you mean you need conduit here?”

Meanwhile, it’s clearly marked on the prints… Poor Audio Visual people

“Hope you know what all those wires do”

“Nope…I DON’T, but I’m gonna hook them all up to your stuff and hope it doesn’t blow up!!!”

“Do you really know what all those knobs do?”

When I am behind a console… nope. I just “hope” a lot.

Alesia Hendley Catchbox

“Where is the sound guy?”

“I turned it off and turned it on again, it’s still not working.”

All that being said, Alesia points out that she just loves to help people out.

Kevin McLoughlin and Catchbox

Kevin McLoughlin, Audio Visual Manager The Royal Society of Medicine

“But It worked on my computer at home…”

“No I didn’t bring a copy of my presentation file, why would I, I emailed it.”

“Just take that to the boot of my car please” or “To my house please” – heard a million times.

“I don’t need a microphone, everybody can hear me.” (during live stream, assistive listening for deaf, video recording)

“Is this mic on!” and proceed to bash it with their palm, blow into it and deafen everyone.

I was at a conference where the speaker had joked that the last person who spoke using the Catchbox could keep it. After the Q & A session, he looked back to where the audience member had been and he had already left with the Catchbox. So there are also things you don’t want to say to your audience.

And then there always is someone who wants to drop the mic. Just don’t. Unless it’s a Catchbox!

Drop the mic

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