Catchbox Case Study

Catchbox classroom microphone

Published on: Sep 8, 2017

A video is a powerful tool of learning. Lessonbox provides lesson recordings. One of their biggest challenges is audio recordings – since exciting lesson isn’t static. And student involvement is a great part of the learning process. But how to record dynamic sound while engaging the students? Read their solution!

Who Are They?

Lessonbox provides audiovisual (AV) equipment to schools and other educational facilities – anywhere that can make use of video and audio to improve the learning experience. Their products include educational video platforms and multi-camera systems for recording whole lessons.

What Was the Challenge?

Capturing top quality audio is one of the biggest hurdles for any live recording project. You can’t stand by a static microphone the whole time when your focus is on giving a great class, but without a decent mic close at hand, you’re left with muffled, unusable sound.

Lessonbox already had a lapel mic option for teachers to wear, to make sure everything they said came through crisp and clear. They also offered a stand-up desk mic to use in group work situations.

What was missing, though, was a high-quality microphone that could capture answers from individual students during question-and-answer sessions – those situations where you only want to pick up what each person is saying, one at a time, without hearing every other noise in the room.

What’s more, Lessonbox found that students had a tendency to clam up when they knew they were being recorded. To get beyond this, they’d need something fun and engaging… not just a reliable mic.

How Did Catchbox Help?

Lessonbox quickly found that Catchbox was the perfect way to overcome these challenges.

The automute feature means students can throw it from person to person or even drop it on the floor without messing up the audio on the recording. The quality of sound is superb and means teachers have a quick and easy way to focus in on the voice they want to hear – without picking up every whisper and scrapes around the classroom at the same time.

Even better, the team says that Catchbox enjoyed “immediate acceptance”, becoming a hit in 100% of classrooms they work with, and helping to boost engagement and excitement in the interactive parts of the class. Rather than shying away, now everyone wants a turn to answer!

Here’s What They Had to Say About It

“Since the first use of the system in January, everyone who uses it in a classroom setting finds it fantastic. The Catchbox takes the emphasis away from the cameras and onto having some fun with Q&As. It’s a great tool to support teaching and learning in schools. We haven’t sold a system without a Catchbox since it was included.”

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