Catchbox story


In the year 2012 in Aalto University, Finland three students - Timo Kauppila Mikelis Studers and Pyry Taanila started the Catchbox story

While we were studying and attending lectures we noticed how slow and clumsy was one of the most important parts of learning - asking questions. It took ages to pass the microphone around the seated rows of people and it immediately killed the spirit of sharing. We knew that there must be a better solution. What if we could throw that microphone? It would be so much faster and more fun!


We took the challenge and started product development

Working on the product we tried out different shapes, sizes, and components. Safety was our concern number one. Some hurdles like combining softness with durability took us by surprise and were harder to overcome than we thought. Combining foam materials with fabrics in the cube shape it finally came together as we wanted. The first Catchbox was born.


We tried the first working prototypes in the lectures in university

Professors were excited to see their students engaged. The word quickly spread outside the university walls and we started receiving product requests from companies and events industry. We assembled prototypes to cover the growing demand. Initially we shipped products to our clients asking to return them after the event so that we could ship them further the next day.


As requests for throwable microphones came in we had to find a way to give the products to everyone in need

We launched a crowdfunding campaign on our website to cover the manufacturing costs of the first batch of products. We knew that we were onto something exciting when pre-orders started rolling in. The crowdfunding campaign was a success thanks to our 500 initial backers!


It was exciting to see the interest from all around the world: United States, Japan and Australia, the Netherlands, Germany and more

And that put us on the line to keep our promise and deliver the products. We had to call all our friends, schoolmates, moms and dads, sisters and brothers to help us build and ship the products to our initial backers. It took many days and sleepless nights to deal with the manufacturing until we finally delivered the Catchboxes to our initial backers.


The demand for the product grew day by day and we left our first home in the university

We opened our own factory in Riga, Latvia. It allowed us to invest in machinery such as printers and sewing machines to decrease the delivery time for the products. We also started providing customization for the Catchbox outer covers. Regardless of how many orders we need to process our dedicated staff makes sure that each Catchbox is made with passion.


Currently we operate from our 800m2 central factory and logistics center in Riga Latvia

We have doubled in growth every year thanks to our customers including Google, Netflix, FedEx, MIT and many others. Close to half of Fortune 500 companies today have at least one Catchbox. We have an amazing team of highly devoted product developers, engineers, sales, and marketing professionals that strive to make better products and improve the customer experience every day.

We believe in human interactions and we want to improve the sharing of knowledge in every event.

Timo, Mikelis and Pyry

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