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Catchbox for events

Make sure your event leaves a lasting impression. Intuitive, fun and easy to use, Catchbox mics encourage increased audience engagement by facilitating dynamic discussions and quickfire Q&A sessions.

Why Catchbox?

Captivate your crowd

Event presenter microphone


Kickstart conversation

Use Catchbox Plus Clip and Cube mics in tandem to spark dynamic debates and quickfire Q&A sessions that involve both speaker and audience.


Enliven your event

Add a unique fun factor to any discussion with the throwable Cube mic. Throw and catch the microphone to capture audio from anywhere and encourage participation from the audience.

Event presenter throwing Catchbox
Audience Q&A microphone


Leave a lasting impression

Add colors and logos to your Catchbox mics and ensure your event is a memorable experience for attendees.

Capture audio from anywhere in the room

Engage with your audience

Catchbox Plus wireless microphone system in a hybrid event

Catchbox Plus wireless microphone system

Catchbox Plus is a complete wireless microphone solution for presenter and audience audio capture. Use the Catchbox Plus Clip & Cube mic in combination to ensure no contribution goes unheard and remote attendees are engaged in the discussion.

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Customized microphones with custom color and logos

Customize your mics

Showcase your event

Add event logos and colors to your Cube and Clip mics to ensure a lasting impression with attendees.

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The solution for event professionals

Choose your Catchbox

Catchbox Plus

  • License-free DECT

  • 100 m / 330 ft wireless range

  • Customizable microphones

Powerful two channel wireless microphone system featuring Catchbox's Clip and Cube microphones

Catchbox Mod

  • Replaceable batteries

  • Requires beltpack transmitter

  • Customizable cover

Convert your existing beltpack transmitter into a throwable microphone

Customer testimonials

Loved by event professionals


"You can see the change in the audience straight away. Instead of people running around with a normal microphone, you suddenly have this fun element that’s thrown into the mix." // Spencer Waldron, Regional Manager at Prezi


"Before Catchbox attendees used to avert their eyes and try to sneak their question in as quickly as possible because they saw me coming with the handheld microphone." //

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  • Two microphone channel receiver

  • Reliable license-free DECT

  • Customizable microphones

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