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Catchbox Case Study

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Published on: Mar 22, 2017

Working in the event industry can be challenging.

It’s one of the industries that always keep on changing and that’s always demanding all the latest trends in premium quality. Audio Visual Group LLC is the company that provides services to large events and conferences. This article dives into the challenges they’re facing and the solutions they have found.

Who Are They?

Audio Visual Group handles the creative and technical end of large-scale business events and conferences. The company has been around for nearly 20 years and handles all types of audio visual production and set building for clients in the meetings and conventions industry.

What Was the Challenge?

The trouble with huge conferences where no one really knows each other is that speaking up is seriously daunting.

The desire to ask a question is often overshadowed by the dread of having to get out of your seat and shuffle past strangers to an aisle mic, or waiting for a moderator to weave their way to you in the auditorium and get the mic to you while everyone else turns around and gawps.

Despite the best efforts of meeting and event organizers to encourage questions and debate, Audio Visual found that, time and again, most people had got used to sitting still and soaking up what’s happening around them, without actively participating.

They were keen to find better ways to break the ice and get people relaxed enough to take part – even at the stuffiest of meetings.

At the same time, any new tool they could consider integrating into events needed to be totally professional and technically flawless.

How Did Catchbox Help?

Audio Visual found that using Catchboxes instead of conventional mics was the perfect way to shake attendees out of their torpor.

As soon as these are brought out at the Q&As, they say, anticipation fills the room, people wake up and the fun begins.

The company has noticed a huge spike in the number of people who join in, the questions that are asked and the new ideas generated in each session. Discussions go on for longer and are around three times more productive. Altogether, levels of engagement and excitement have gone through the roof – an estimated increase of 300%.

From a technical point of view, Catchboxes suit their needs perfectly, too. They auto-mute when thrown, float through the air and land without an audible crash, and the team finds that the sound flows nicely and is easy to control. It works beautifully for all kinds of professional meetings and events.

Here’s What They Had to Say About it?

“Our first round with Catchbox was for a World Art Restoration Conference where the attendees were the actual artists and consultants that restore the world’s most famous artwork. We were in session for five days, and after each group of sessions, we would break out the Catchboxes for the Q&A. From the first round, the Catchboxes were a hit. The room would fill with anticipation and the attendees would begin searching for the room monitors that were in care of the Catchboxes. All in all, the Catchboxes genuinely affected our meetings in the most positive way.” “Our clients love them. Attendees anticipate their use. Definitely a great item!”

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