Wireless microphone system

  • Up to 100m / 330ft wireless range

  • Built-in DECT transmitter

  • Wireless charging

  • Two mic channels

  • Customizable cover - Now with ViralOff™

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Catchbox Plus

Empower engagement anywhere

Transform your all-hands meeting, activate your event or inspire the classroom with Catchbox Plus. Powerful, versatile and easy to use, Catchbox Plus is perfect for activities of any size.

Technical specifications

  • Wireless frequency band DECT / DECT 6.0
  • Wireless range 100 m / 330 ft.
  • Wireless signal type Digital
  • Microphone pattern Omni-directional
  • Audio frequency response 50-11000 Hz
  • Audio latency 14 ms
  • Battery type Rechargeable, Li-on
  • Audio outputs Balanced, unbalanced, USB
  • Transmitters per system 2

Presenter Mic

Share what matters

Take charge of the room with our hands-free presenter mic. Wear it attached to your clothing with a lavalier mic, or attach it to a lanyard and use the internal mic.

Two mic channels

Double the fun

Maximize participation by connecting two Catchbox Plus microphones to a single Receiver.




+ Presenter Mic

Catchbox with Viraloff

Self-disinfecting technology from Polygiene®

Now with ViralOff

Catchbox covers and microphone caps now incorporate Polygiene ViralOff™ - an antimicrobial treatment that reduces up to 99% of bacteria and viruses present on the fabric*.

*Reduces over 99% of selected viruses within 2 hours on specific materials. Tested by international standard ISO 18184 on SARS-CoV-2, H3N2, H1N1. Polygiene ViralOff™ does not prevent diseases but protects the treated material.

Wireless charging

Ready when you are

Place your Catchbox on the pad to turn off the mic and start charging. When ready, pick up the Catchbox to get people talking.





Features you'll love

Tech you can trust

Integrates everywhere

Simultaneously use balanced XLR, unbalanced 6.3mm / 1/4in or USB audio outputs on the Receiver.

Robust radio, licence-free

Using industry-standard DECT technology, Catchbox ensures uninterrupted digital signal and operates licence-free.


Patented Technology temporarily switches off audio when the Catchbox is, thrown, caught or dropped.

Completely customizable

Showcase your brand

Add a logo and colors to your Catchbox to turn your brand into a key talking point. All covers now utilize Polygiene ViralOff™ technology.


designer tool

2 day



worldwide delivery

Quality by design

Built to last


Catchbox’s super-soft, ultra-lightweight design makes it safe to use in any environment so everybody can catch with confidence.


The Cover is made from antimicrobial stain and water-resistant fabric, which makes it easy to keep your Catchbox looking good.

Made in Europe

All Catchbox products are handmade and tested before shipping. Our customer support is available 24/7 to help with any questions.

Be inspired

Case studies



“If your company does something like all-hands or town hall meetings, I would recommend going for the Catchbox Plus with the Presenter Mic. We keep the presenter mic at the front of the room and pass the Catchbox between the audience.”



“We use it for our meetings when we are on the Google Hangout with our offices in Denver and Dallas. This is much easier, we can just throw it around and everyone gets their point across quite quickly.”

What our customers say

These guys are game changers and so far all my audiences have enjoyed using them Great, simple to use - I love the ability now to use without changing batteries. Enlivens meetings and makes for a more natural discussion - great job all!

Michael H.

We used the Catchbox Plus during an event to create an interactive Q&A session, and it worked fabulously! It's really easy to set up the Catchbox as there are comprehensible descriptions both on the package and in the handbook. It was also possible to customize it with our own branding (always a plus) and is a compact, valuable piece of high-tec equipment. I would also like to mention the Support Team, which was always friendly and quick to reply to any questions. Would 100% recommend buying a Catchbox Plus!

Priscilla G.

The Catchbox is loved by everyone in our company - Riga, Tel-Aviv and Denver. It helps to run the calls with our international colleagues smoother than using a regular mic. If someone has to add something in the very far end in the meeting room, just throw the mic and include the person in the conversation! Highly recommend! And the Catchbox customer experience is extraordinary - every customer is treated as the most valuable person! Thank you for everything! :)

Dana V.