Wireless microphone system

  • Two microphone channels

  • License-free DECT - up to 100m / 330ft wireless range

  • Customizable microphones

  • Dante™, PoE, API remote monitoring

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Event participant speaking into Cube throwable microphone

Microphones for everyone

Make every voice heard

Catchbox Plus reimagines what a wireless microphone system can be. The fully customizable Cube and Clip mics provide an engaging experience for all participants, whilst versatile connectivity and networking options ensure hassle-free maintenance for space managers.

Catchbox Plus

System overview

Teacher setting up the Hub receiver for a lecture


Two mic channel receiver

The Hub is the microphone receiver at the heart of the Plus system. Manage your mics through the intuitive graphical UI, connect and monitor your systems via API or utilize built-in Dante™ audio over IP functionality.


Throwable microphone

Make sure that everyone in the room is heard. The throwable Cube mic makes it easy to "mic up" the whole room in a dynamic and cost-effective way.

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Teacher holding the Catchbox Cube throwable microphone
Teacher presenting with the Catchbox Clip lavalier microphone


Wearable lavalier microphone

The innovative Clip mic houses a powerful microphone in a compact, user-friendly design. Clip can be worn by the moderator to ensure seamless audio capture and powerful presentations.

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Catchbox plus system

Features you'll love

Two mic channels

License-free DECT

100 / 330 ft. wireless range

Customizable mics

Versatile connectivity


Technical specifications

  • Wireless frequency band DECT / DECT 6.0 (1.8 / 1.9 GHz band)
  • Wireless range 100 m / 330 ft.
  • Wireless signal type Digital
  • Microphone pattern Omni-directional
  • Audio frequency response 50 - 20 000 Hz
  • Audio latency 12 ms
  • Battery type Rechargeable, Li-on
  • Audio outputs Balanced, unbalanced, USB
  • Transmitters per system 2

Catchbox Plus

Find your solution

For mobile setups

  • Plug & Play USB connectivity

  • XLR / RCA / USB outputs

  • Portable Storage Case available

Catchbox Plus for mobile carts & multi-purpose spaces

For multi-room installations

  • Dante™ audio over IP & PoE

  • API / Remote monitoring

  • Mounting accessories available

Catchbox Plus Pro for multi-room deployments and integrated networks

Catchbox microphone placed on charging docks

Easy maintanance

Ready when you are

Dedicated charging docs ensure your microphones are always ready for use. When placed on the charger microphones turn off and when you're ready to speak simply pick up your mics and they'll be ready for use.

Catchbox Plus wireless microphone system

Pick and choose

Build your system

Pick and choose what to include in your Catchbox Plus system according to your needs. Connect up to two microphones to your Hub and add accessories for hassle-free maintenance.

Clip and Cube

Two Clips

Two Cubes

Customized Catchbox microphones

Completely customizable

Showcase your brand

Both Clip and Cube microphones can be fully customized. Add a logo and colors to your Catchbox mics to turn your brand into a key talking point.

Online design tool

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What our customers say

Trusted by top teams

“Catchbox changes the dynamics of a typical class conversation to support student-powered dialogue. It’s a microphone that ensures that all student contributions are heard.” // Tracey Birdwell, Program Director

"Catchbox plays a crucial role in our all-hands meetings. Passing it around makes things more enjoyable and loosens the audience up. It’s great way to get people to relax a little and help them settle into the meeting." // Juraj Holub, Chief Meeting Designer

"After our first hybrid meeting with Catchbox Plus, our New York Office – who have previously suffered a lot from poor audio quality – immediately asked me what the new set up was. It was such an improvement to what they had been used to." // Simon Hansen, Product Manager

Hear everyone, anywhere

Improve your space


wireless microphone system

  • Two microphone channels

  • Robust, license free DECT

  • Fully customizable microphones

from $1149