Catchbox Case Study

HubHub co-working space

Published on: May 7, 2018

Co-working spaces have come more common in the last past years. They’ve become more than just a workplace. It’s a co-space where work is done, meetings are held and events are organized. How to stand out? How to attract clients and event attendees? In this case study, we try to answer these questions together with an exciting co-working space HubHub.

Who are they?

HubHub is an innovative coworking space located in Warsaw and Bratislava, soon expanding to Budapest and Prague. They write about themselves: With the heart of the pioneers, we create the most innovative areas where startups, corporations, investors, and enthusiasts can find what they are looking for. And to our experience

that truly is what HubHub is all about.

Coworking spaces have grown rapidly all over the world in the past years. And why shouldn’t they? Each of us has a different style of work and each of us should be able to have a different kind of a workspace. The coworking market is getting more exciting and tougher than ever! Each office needs to find that extra something to stand out and to inspire their members. We jumped on a call with Bartosz Chmiel, HubHub Marketing Manager to talk about all these challenges, their Catchbox experience and how Catchbox can help with some of the challenges.

Catchbox used at HubHub office

Tell us a bit more – what’s behind the HubHub?

We are a coworking space that grows organically from the CEE region with plans to expand to Western Europe in the next two years. We combine office space with event space and a rich roster of programmes that will boost your skill set. We have 3 kinds of members: the ones who have fixed desks, the ones who have the flexible desk and the ones who prefer to use one of our closed offices. We tend to get more corporate clients as our members and break the barrier of the perception that every team needs to be in the HQ of the company. You can easily have the product team in a coworking space especially if it’s near the HQ. It’s one of our main goals to work with companies (no matter if they are big or small) and help them grow.

What is the challenge?

The biggest challenge in the co-working industry is breaking the barrier about the perception of what a co-working space is. People tend to think that it’s this big opened, noisy space and it’s hard to get a job done. But it’s actually quite the opposite. Our main goal is to nurture the working environment in such a manner that it helps to get work done, creativity grow and create lots and lots of new products and projects. It’s not a simple job but we take it with a great responsibility. The other challenge is once again – finding the balance between standing out as a cutting-edge environment and at the same time be useful. In my opinion, there are not much more important things for a service or a product than to be useful.

How do you use Catchbox?

We use Catchbox at the events we organize or the ones that are held on our premises. We organize ourselves a lot of educational events. Our programming streams cover hot topics, like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, mobility, new media etc. To be current in our field of work we need to add this extra value to our members. Catchbox is a great feature that many people don’t know about yet and it’s great to surprise them with cool and useful new gadget.

What are the situations you found Catchbox to be the most useful?

Catchbox is cutting edge, fun, innovative and useful. So are we. It’s a great feature for us to have tools like this. We as a coworking space that hosts a lot of events need to have these new technologies, we need to set trends and show our audience something that they might not have seen.

How well did Catchbox exceed branding and other specifications?

For me, as a marketer, it’s very important to have the opportunity to use products that reflect our brand. It’s really cool to have our logo and our prints in the Catchbox. Even if you have a single image from an event and you see just a fragment of branded Catchbox in someone’s hands you get quite a good idea that it’s from

HubHub. And it’s another great way how to build our brand awareness and recognition.

We here at Catchbox are all about engagement and improving communication with the audience. If you have a story how Catchbox helped you conquer your changes, let us know!

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