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Published on: Mar 13, 2018

The event industry is always striving for memorable moments, audience engagement and superior quality in all aspects. And it’s not an easy thing to maintain. Infinite Event Services face these challenges each day. Read the case study and see how they have overcome at least one of these challenges.

Who are they?

Infinite Event Services is a full-service event rental and event production company. They pride themselves on being the one-stop service provider for event needs. Whether you are looking to rent and pick up your items or have their skilled event professionals on site for setup and operation – Infinite Event Services can work with their clients to provide everything they need. They are leading event rental company for special events in Edmonton, Canada. They will have you covered from tent top to tabletop to dance floor. And they use Catchbox!

We had a chat with Sheldon Fingler to see how Catchbox has helped in their work.

What was the challenge?

People are generally withdrawn and quiet at corporate events and need to be pulled out of their shells to participate. It’s always our goal to find new and interactive ways to get people involved. Audience engagement is one of the hardest things to achieve. The Catchbox has worked amazingly well to assist in breaking down the barriers to involvement.

What was the reaction of the audience?

We weren’t sure what to expect as we had never used one but I was amazed at what it did to engage people. Rather than one or two questions at a seminar we now had people with raised hands all over the place. It’s amazing that a microphone could have such an impact. The audience loves it but what was really awesome was the keynote speaker couldn’t stop talking about this microphone designed to be thrown around. He actually stopped his session and asked what the heck that microphone is… It was awesome. Having done audio visual at different levels for 30 years I had no idea what to expect with Catchbox but I was very pleasantly surprised to see the higher engagement levels at the event. Catchbox is new to our inventory but I can see us using it all the time as the customers start to see it in action. The more we use it the more it will create customers.

What are the situations you found Catchbox to be the most useful?

The best situations are theatre style seating where it’s hard to get in and out of seats and awkward to pass the microphones around. Catchbox was the solution that made that problem disappear.

How well did Catchbox exceed branding and other specifications?

The team nailed our needs and expectations! We love the branding and it’s a great way to have people ask us about the microphone after the event. It’s great to see people waiting in line to ask us about this cool new microphone. When we got the Catchbox I couldn’t believe how easy it was to set up!

What would you recommend to other Catchbox users?

I think it’s important to break your customer’s expectations. They think it may be inappropriate at a corporate event to throw the microphone but we really see people enjoying it at all levels. I think building your customer up for success by explaining the ways in which it creates more engagement will quickly outweigh their concerns.

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