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Catchbox for companies

Unleash your employees’ potential by fostering a culture built on collaboration. From all-hands meetings to employee onboarding - Catchbox mics ensure everyone can hear and be heard.

Why Catchbox?

Hear and be heard

Hybrid meeting microphone system


Give everyone a voice

Reach anyone in the room and ensure everyone can share their ideas. Use the Clip and Cube mics in combination to capture back-and-forth between colleagues.


Hear everyone, anywhere

Ensure clear audio for your remote attendees in hybrid meetings. Catchbox mics are close to the source of sound by design, ensuring no contribution goes unheard.

All-hands meeting discussion with Catchbox Cube microphone
Meeting presenter throwing the Catchbox Cube


Promote active engagement

Create a dynamic, engaging atmosphere with the unique fun factor of the throwable Cube mic. Be it an all-hands or town hall meeting, throwing and passing the Cube mic ensures that everyone gets invloved no matter the setting.

Use cases

Master hybrid meetings

Hybrid all-hands meeting microphone system

All hands from anywhere

Transform your town-hall into a truly engaging experience for both remote and in-person attendees. Use the Clip & Cube mic in combination to ensure no contribution goes unheard and remote attendees are engaged in the discussion.

Explore Plus system

Fully customizable mics

Your company, your Catchbox

Place your brand at the heart of every discussion. Customize your mics with brand logos colors to encourage a sense of tribe amongst your team.

Online design tool

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Catchbox Plus

Choose your configuration

For mobile setups

  • USB connectivity

  • XLR / RCA / USB outputs

  • Portable Storage Case available

The flexible solution for quick setup and easy portability

For installations

  • Dante™ audio over IP & PoE

  • Remote control and monitoring

  • Mounting accessories available

Ideal for multi-room deployments and large scale installations

Customer testimonials

Trusted by top teams

"After our first hybrid meeting with Catchbox Plus, our New York Office – who have previously suffered a lot from poor audio quality – immediately asked me what the new set up was. It was such an improvement to what they had been used to." // Simon Hansen, Product Manager

"Catchbox plays a crucial role in our all-hands meetings. Passing it around makes things more enjoyable and loosens the audience up. It’s great way to get people to relax a little and help them settle into the meeting." // Juraj Holub, Chief Meeting Designer

The Catchbox family

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