Transform your teaching

Catchbox for education

Create more immersive learning experiences with Catchbox microphones. Ensure both teachers and students can be heard in the classroom and encourage participation across a range of educational settings.

Why Catchbox?

Hear and be heard

Professor presenting a lecture with Catchbox Plus wireless microphone system


Give your students a voice

Reach anyone in the room and ensure everyone can share their ideas. Use the Clip and Cube mics in combination to capture back-and-forth discussion between teacher and students.


Hear anyone, anywhere

Ensure clear in-class audio pick-up for remote students and lecture recordings. Catchbox mics are close to the source of sound by design, ensuring no contribution goes unheard.

Student collaborating in a hybrid lecture using Catchbox
Catchbox Cube microphone for lecture capture


Promote active learning

Increasing student engagement has been shown to massively improve learning outcomes. Catchbox mics are designed to capture the audio while also boosting student engagement during lessons.

Use cases

Hear everyone, anywhere

Lecture hall Hybrid classroom
Microphone system for hybrid lecture

Capture audio in lecture halls

Catchbox mics are designed for audio capture in medium to large rooms no matter the space acoustics or design. The Clip lavalier mic is ideal for lecture moderation. Throw or pass the Cube mic around the room and ensure that everyone in the room is heard.

Explore Plus system
Microphone system for hybrid classroom

Ensure clear audio for remote participants

Enhance learning outcomes by ensuring clear audio for all students. Catchbox mics are designed to be close to the source of sound thus provides a clear and uninterrupted audio for remote students.

Explore Plus system

Customize your mics

Showcase your school spirit

Add a school logo and colors to your Cube and Clip mics to create a shared sense of school pride amongst your students.

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Catchbox Plus

The solution for your space

For mobile setups

  • USB connectivity for versatile use

  • XLR / RCA / USB outputs

  • Portable Storage Case available

Catchbox Plus for mobile carts & multi-purpose spaces

For installations

  • Dante™ audio over IP & PoE

  • Remote control and monitoring

  • Mounting accessories available

Catchbox Plus Pro for multi-room deployments and integrated networks

Customer testimonials

Loved by leading institutions

"We've received great feedback from the faculty about the Catchbox products. The students love the Cube, they love the engagement that it brings, the faculty love the Clip - it's so light and easy to use. They just pick it up put it on, and they can start teaching." //Scott Pritchett, Manager of Multimedia Services

“Catchbox changes the dynamics of a typical class conversation to support student-powered dialogue. It’s a microphone that ensures that all student contributions are heard.” // Tracey Birdwell, Program Director

Riga Business School

“The Catchbox Plus was a game changer for our hybrid lectures and in-person voice amplification. Now the remote students can clearly hear what's happening in the classroom.” // Ilja Afanasjevsis, IT Manager


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