For Educators:
Improve learning outcomes by increasing student engagement

For AV/IT managers:
Ideal for auditoriums, hybrid classrooms and lecture capture

Transform your teaching

classroom microphone

Encourage engagement

Break down barriers to participation and create an environment where every student feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas.

branded microphone

Foster sense of belonging

Show your school spirit. Customize your Catchbox with a school logo and colors to foster a sense of belonging among students.

classroom engagment

Improve academic performance

Use Catchbox to keep your teaching ahead of the curve. Envigorate any topic with quick-fire questions and dynamic debate.

Customizable microphone

Completely customizable

Showcase your brand

Add a school logo and colors to your Catchbox to create a shared sense of school pride amongst your students.

hybrid classroom microphone

Hybrid learning

Ideal for Hybrid Classrooms

Blend the best of in-person and online teaching with Catchbox for hybrid classrooms. Catchbox syncs with all major video conferencing platforms via USB audio connectivity.

Tech you can trust

lecture recording

Record lectures with ease

Make every class a lasting resource for your students. Use Catchbox to capture audio from lectures so your class can to listen again later.



Patented algorithm temporarily switches off the mic when the Catchbox is caught, thrown or dropped to eliminate unwanted noise.

enhanced audio

Enhanced audio quality

Ergonomic design encourages users to speak directly into the microphone, improving speaker confidence and audio capture.

wireless microphone charger

Wireless charging

Manageable classrooms

Keep room maintenance to a minimum with the Catchbox Wireless Charger. No more replaceable batteries or endless charging cables - simply place your Catchbox on the pad to turn off the mic and start charging.

Be inspired

Case studies


Society of Arts and Technology


“Catchbox is a good solution for us. It means that we record only the speech of the participant talking, without parasite noises. It also helps with discipline during the discussion because only 1 person can talk at a time.”

college possible

College Possible Minnesota


“The new technology didn’t just make it easier and faster to move from question to question; members of the audience were also curious and excited about using the Catchbox, making them much more willing to speak up in the first place!”