Catchbox Plus Pro

For multi-room installations

Catchbox Plus Pro adds networking capabilities, Dante™ audio network and remote monitoring to the powerful Catchbox plus system, allowing facility managers to deploy multiple systems at scale.

Key features

Seamless integration, complete control

Catchbox Plus Hub installed on the wall

Effortless installation

Mounting and cable management

Make Catchbox Plus a permanent fixture of your space with our dedicated mounting kit. Keep your cables in check with the dedicated cable manager and avoid unwanted tampering by switching the Hub display to 'stealth mode'.

Manage multiple systems

Remote monitoring and control

Integrate your fleet of Plus pro systems with your existing network infrastructure. Access real-time data and adjust key outputs from your preferred interface utilizing our built-in API, Utelogy control management system or Q-SYS certified plugin.

Catchbox remote control and monitoring
Catchbox Plus hub receiver with Dante

Ready for the future

Dante™ audio over IP & PoE

Audio over IP technology is revolutionising AV installations in large institutions. Ensure your deployments are fast, streamlined and future-proof by utilizing the Plus Pro's built-in Dante adapter and Power over Ethernet capabilities.

Security by design

More manageable spaces

Hub stealth mode

Stealth mode

Make sure your configuration is tamper-proof. Disable your Hub's graphical panel with stealth mode to take manage your Hub remotely and avoid any unauthorized adjustments.

Catchbox Plus range alarm system

Range alarm system

Prevent your Clip mic from accidentally going missing. Once Clip gets out of range, an automatic alert will notify the wearer and let them know they need to return the microphone back to the room.

Catchbox Plus Hub receiver secured with Kensington lock

Kensington lock

Keep your setup secure and connected with industry-leading anti-theft protection. Use in tandem with the mounting kit and cable manager for safe, easy-to-manage installations in any space.

catchbox microphones on charging docks

Easy maintanance

Pick up, start talking

Catchbox mics are designed to be ready when you are. Both Clip and Cube mics utilize dedicated charging docks which can be fixed to a desk or wall for easy access and immediate audio capture.

Catchbox Plus microphones

Mic the whole room with ease


  • Compact wearable microphone

  • Easymute and distance alarm

  • Customizable Jacket - add logo & color

For teachers, speakers and meeting leaders


  • Throwable wireless microphone

  • Built in Automute™ technology

  • Customizable Cover with ViralOff™

For students, meeting participants and more

Wireless microphone system

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plus pro

for multi-room installatios

  • Dante™ audio over IP & PoE

  • Remote monitoring via API

  • Mounting and cable management

from $1499