Catchbox Plus

For mobile setups

As work and learning environments become more flexible, you never know when or where you will need an effective microphone system. Catchbox Plus provides the perfect portable solution for flexible spaces.

Key features

Mic up any space in minutes

Teacher setting up microphone system

Plug and play

Easy USB connectivity

Catchbox can be easily set up in anywhere in minutes. Take advantage of the Hub's built in USB inputs and outputs and connect instantly with, laptop, PC or room-management console.

Mix audio easily

Send sound from your device to speakers

Use the Hub's built-in mixing capabilities to streamline your setup and create a unified audio experience for all participants.

Zoom meeting microphone system
Teacher microphone system

Versatile mics

Capture audio from anywhere in any room

Modern, multipurpose spaces required versatile microphone solutions. Catchbox Cube and Clip mics provide crystal clear audio no matter how your space is setup.

Catchbox Plus system Storage Case

Portable storage case

Take your mics anywhere

Transform any space in your organization utilizing the Catchbox Plus system's flexibility. The system fits compactly into a robust-yet-lightweight Storage Case, making it easy to safely store and travel with the system.

Bring your team together

Make any space hybrid

Hybrid learning Hybrid meetings
Hybrid lecture microphone system

Capture audio in classrooms

Catchbox mics are designed for audio capture in medium to large rooms no matter the space acoustics or design. The Clip lavalier mic is ideal for lecture moderation. Throw or pass the Cube mic around the room and ensure that everyone in the room is heard.

Hybrid meeting microphone system

Seamless cross-team communication

No dedicated space for large hybrid meetings? Catchbox Plus transforms any environment into an engaging hybrid meeting room by enabling effective audio capture from anywhere in the room

Microphones for everyone

Capture audio from anywhere


  • Compact wearable microphone

  • Easymute and range alarm

  • Customizable - add your colors and logo

For teachers, speakers and meeting leaders


  • Throwable wireless microphone

  • Built in Automute™ technology

  • Customizable cover - Now with ViralOff™

For students and participants

Wireless microphone system

The solution for mobile spaces


for mobile and flexible setups

  • USB connectivity

  • Mix audio inputs

  • Compatible Storage Case available

from $1149